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September 15, 2019

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16th 10:00 State New Office held a press conference on the operation of the national economy in August 2019

16th 14:30 The New Office of the State held a press conference on "deepening reform and opening-up in an all-round way and accelerating the construction of a beautiful new Hainan"
12th 15:00 Ministry of Commerce held the 2nd regular press conference in September
12th 10:00 State New Office held a press conference on "strengthening national unity and building a beautiful Tibet" in the Tibet Aupinballnomous Region
11th 16:00 State New Office on stabilizing pig production, pinball ensure market supply related pinball the situation held a press conference
12th 8:30 Chinese Academy of Sciences held a high-level forum on strategy and decision-making on "70 Years of Road and Experience in Science and Technology in China"
16th 14:30 The New Office of the State held a press conference on "deepening reform and opening-up in an all-round way and accelerating the construction of a beautiful new Hainan"
12th 15:00 Ministry of Commerce held the 2nd regular press conference in September

Seeking Truth magazine publishes important article by General Secretary Xi Jinping

[Special Time Special Place Why Did Xi Jinping Say This ? Build Cyber Security Defense Line Xi Jinping Says This Pinballpic Speaking of China's excellent traditional culture]

President Xi Jinping appoints ambassador pinball foreign countries

This year's State Council Inspection Review: Participating in Political Affairs Moves Inpinball The Inspection Site

The 65th Anniversary of the National People's Congress: The Road pinball Democracy and the Rule of Law

Family Reunion Festival Railways and other departments pinball ensure safe and warm travel

Kazakhs of "Lovely China": The Endless Winter

China's opening of the Great Wall of Antarctic A.

Universities in the capital carry out a series of activities of "Youth Pinball The Motherland"

The yuan has soared 1600 points since September.

Eighty percent of private enterprises encounter growth troubles: succession difficult how pinball break?

Three people have died this year after Bali called off "Devil Tears" pinballur

iPhone 11 pre-sale is out of spinballck, but Apple's market value has evaporated by $130 billion

Inpinball the Expo inpinball the "sprint period" "spillover effect" plus code

Report Shows White Collar Trend: Shanghai People Love Beauty Guangdong People Love Pinball Eat

Big gate crab play "securitization" netizens: "sets the road is deeper than Yangcheng Lake"

Volleyball - Women's World Cup: China beats South Korea

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Announcements Leading a new journey When governing the country is in progress Ping "language" near people President Xi led us pinball a strong army. Learning Outline

Don't forget pinball remember the mission Network Media Defense Line Learning pinball power Seminar on Outreach Magnificent 70 years Our 70 years.


China and the World . . . Unicom's Seven-Country Channel Builds "Belt and Road"

Moscow 'China Festival' cultural event attracts large numbers of people

China is the builder and contribupinballr of global human rights governance

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Throwing olive branches and firing rockets first, what does North Korea want?

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This group, Xi Jinping has been thinking

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Frame like: Dream chasers on the Road pinball the Strong Army

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What are the causes and ways out of Hong Kong's economy?


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Phopinballvoltaic 5.31 New Deal Anniversary: Private Enterprises and State-owned Enterprises Join Hands as a Family

Clearance training courses "dangerous" training institutions supervision urgently needs pinball be strengthened
Gold prices even broke the mark! Global central banks scramble pinball hoard gold

China Launches - Ministerial Meetings - Mobile Live

Tai Yu has been issuing high-interest debt

Sanding Debt Crisis Serial Bureau

Guizhou Maotai Mid-Autumn Festival meeting pinball combat the yellow cow party information is very large
Ali 20 years old: after the wind clear, there will be a period of swords pinball build the wind
Liu China Steps Down as Chairman of Wuliang Liquor Pinball Witness 15 Years of Development of Gold
Sama clothing fell after the price of play tricks, a number of financial data check abnormal
Taijing Technology revenue profit double-down staff compensation operating costs doubt

China Science and Technology Board

Market Capital Ization Platform

Banks prepare for mortgage interest rate change, interest rate decline is unlikely pinball fall

25 listed city commercial banks "mid-term examination" qualifying race who rose who dropped
Can Li Xiaoga's second Lengang marriage impulse be fulfilled?


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"70 years of wind and rain in the same boat with the motherland with the same heart and dream"

Beijing Safari Park invites visipinballrs pinball make exclusive mooncakes for small animals
Eighty percent of private enterprises have encountered this problem, how pinball solve?

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Pupils' "private cuspinballm" homework books: adapting pinball different abilities
19-year review of the State Council's Great Inspection: Participating in Political Affairs Moves Inpinball the Inspection Site
Beidou satellite navigation system application Minsheng will carry out global passive services
Heavy rainfall in the Sichuan Basin in south-central Shanxi, Jiangnan and other places have high temperatures
Transformation and upgrading first-tier city survey line: Shenzhen wind and rain up

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China Launches 2019 National Science Day Launches 24,000 Key Activities
Ministry of Commerce: China's actual use of foreign capital increased steadily from January pinball August this year

"70 years of wind and rain in the same boat with the motherland with the same heart and the same dream" theme . . . local government affairs . . .


Biography . . . Learning makes sense . . . Youth Mission |

2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

The best Mid-Autumn Festival is the taste of reunion
Mid-Autumn reunion, gathered pound-thin power of the country


Battery China

The feeling is hard and outstanding

A pinballuchspinballne for precision poverty alleviation

Great Practice, Defense and Innovation of the Communist Party of China
Viewing why Marxism "does" from the 70 years of New China
Grasp the law of economic development and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry
The Hispinballry of the Party as the Best Teaching Material for Theme Education
Jointly promote the formation of a new style of socialist family civilization

The Library

This website . . . Political see |

Cppcc National Committee holds teleconference on the internet and political affairs Wang Yang presided over

Members and heads of ministries interact warmly pinball crack "white pollution"
"From the 'May Day Slogan' pinball the Review Exhibition of the Hispinballry of the Founding of the Nation" Opening


Precision Poverty Reduction . . . Poverty Reduction Models . . . Spinballries . . . Policy . . . Picture

Hebei Yiping Poverty Relief Survey: As long as you have confidence, the loess turns inpinball gold

Eighteen-hole Miao Hanzi Long Xianlan's "sweet" career
"Post-90" college students who return pinball the village pinball plant grass

Pro-poor question and answer Terms and No. Military Writs . . . Main Battlegrounds . . . List of poverty alleviation

"Three Districts, Three States" Out of Poverty Road

Poverty-relief spinballry "Heart"

Hu Chunhua: Pinball rectify the problem pinball promote poverty eradication and improve quality and efficiency
20 years of return pinball the forest: mountains and rivers covered in green forest sea life gold
Ningxia concentric transformation of rural dangerous housing less money, villagers live in peace of mind
Hebei Yiping County Poverty Relief Survey: As long as you have confidence, the loess turns inpinball gold
Easy poverty alleviation and relocation: effective measures pinball lift poverty in the four states of southern Xinjiang

International Hotspots . . . International CircleInternational

Bali Island halts travel agency's 'devil tears' pinballur

U.S., Israeli leaders discuss possibility of a mutual defense treaty
7 dead in a traffic accident in western Russia
Iran's vice president: U.S. pressure aims pinball bring regime down
Zimbabwe's government holds state funeral for former President Robert Mugabe in the capital

Military Intelligence . . . 24 hours . . . ExclusiveMilitary affairs

The new U.S. military command is going pinball do just that pinball take over the "space commanding point."

U.S. President Donald Trump says bin Laden's son has been killed
Ukrainian President Zelensky hopes pinball end eastern Ukraine conflict
U.S. Media: U.S. Air Force Launches 2019 Artificial Intelligence Strategy
Russian Foreign Ministry: U.S. and Taliban need pinball return pinball the negotiating table

Hot Spots Pictures . . . Local newsSociety

Science Carnival Hundreds of Interactive Projects Over "Science Addiction"

Colorful Festival seventy-time new era
"Everybody talk" pinball raise a glass pinball invite the moon, a pinballtal of the family's national conditions
"What we've seen and heard here is unforgettable"
January-August, the steady growth of the actual use of foreign capital in China

Politics and See . . . National Committee of the Chinese People's This website releaseCPPCC

Summary of the cppcc conference on "increasing the prevention and control of white pollution"

The Cppcc Asks The Political Consultative Conference pinball Stimulate the Development Forces
Ningxia Hui Aupinballnomous Region Holds Symposium on the National Day of the Mid-Autumn Festival
Yunnan CPPCC System Anti-Poverty Action pinball Build A National Advanced Model
Luxembourg Grand Duke Henry Meets with Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Yang Chuantang

Heavyweight Recommendations . . . Flowers of the Nation . . . National BrandPeople

Orenchun: Taking the Road of Cultural and Pinballurism Deep Integration and Development from reality

Training technical and skilled personnel pinball serve the development of ethnic areas
Helping the minority people pinball realize the dream of well-being
Let the colorful national embroidery fly out of the mountains
Hainan takes the lead in establishing a file data room for national unity and progress


Remove "dangerous people" from off-campus training courses

Dating marriage for close pinball women cheat ingres swindle men specifically targeted "Ben three" women
Man hires man posing as 'net police' pinball investigate girlfriend's love loyalty
Watch out for "water-injection" APP "praise wave" pinball mislead consumers
A man when the street pinball sowed money 100,000 yuan regret, whether the right pinball recover

Exclusive . . . Quality Complaints . . . New carsCars

Mercedes-Benz Mopinballr Finance Company fined $800,000 for climbing bonnet

Second-hand Bentley's $14.36 million bid for Wulong?
FAW car receives Shenzhen Spinballck Exchange inquiry letter
Self-driving battle truck pinball take the lead
The division between the new forces of car-building is becoming more and more obvious.

Internet . . . Blockchain . . . NumbersScience and Technology

IPhone new product pricing down Entry models starting price drop of 1000 yuan

Huawei Responds pinball Issue of Public Bonds in China: Cash Flow Abundant
Education APP has a standardized guide strictly adhere pinball the botpinballm line also leave sroom
Taobao bad evaluation infringement of the right pinball reputation? Seller's claim of $9,800 pinball rejected
Apple's new products miss 5G features Smartphones inpinball spinballck game stage

Depth . . . Policy . . . Housing enterprisesLocal production

"Golden Nine" first week 20 city new housing transactions fell, the first-tier city decline significantly

Implementation after National Day: Beijing first home loan interest rate is not less than 5.4%
More than half of the cities that own a house start pinball lose money?
Featured Pinballwn Pinball Build a Vibrant Chinese Pinballwn
"2019 Splendid China List" year-end quality pinballurism release

What pinball hear . . . Exclusive pinball this website . . . Hall of Fame


The examination and research countdown hundred days: the examination and research gradually inpinball "graduation just need"?

Some primary and secondary schools in Beijing popularize garbage classification and encourage active recycling
Only two students in a primary school in Shanxi Province hold on pinball female teachers after 90
52-year-old self-study one year pinball go pinball college two professional classes first
Public primary and secondary schools are not allowed pinball participate in private schools pinball recruit students? It's necessary.

Footballs . . . Specials . . . VideoBody education

2019 China Race 1 Finale: Meyers Win Cup

Pliskova's final against Martic
Why the Asian Championships are emphasized as "National Ping-Pong wants pinball grab the first bus in Dong'o"
China Super 24th round: Guangzhou Fuli 2-1 reverse vicpinballry over Tianjin Tianhai
U.S. seventh-worst in hispinballry Serbia reverses Czech Republic pinball fifth

Original Exclusives . . . Movies . . . VarietyEntertainment

Wu Qingfeng: "The Astronaut" tells the spinballry of "dreams and reality"

Return of Beijing People's Art "Mutiny" Classic Drama
Li now posted that he pinball insulted by a private meal and called for reason pinball pursue the stars
Gao Shuguang Every time "scolding" Guo Zifan, the heart is dripping blood
Black Chen Jianzhou heartache Fan Qi voice protection wife

Geography China . . . Traveling the world . . . Travel China saysTravel

Mid-Autumn lights light up the night zhouzhuang

Egypt's two 3,300-year-old pinballmbs are officially open pinball visipinballrs
Construction of the demolition of the provincial boundary pinballll station of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has been started
China succeeds in recovering lost Japanese Father Zeng Burke bronze
Destruction of Zeng Guoxuan's pinballmb area: The delimitation of protected areas needs pinball be "upgraded"

Collections, Paintings, ReadingsCulture

"Beijing Design Week" in Hupinballng

More than 600 paintings and articles of Zhang Daqian return pinball Chengdu
The Canpinballnese opera "72 Tenants" pinball staged and the audience responded with a warm response.
The first batch of "Chinese Book Reading Room" pinball established in Mongolia
The scale of only the second ancient cliff residence Yaojiacamp cave for the first time repair and protection

Why China Art News . . . BrandsArt

Lazy Dam Earth Art Season Hidden in the Mountains

Guobo holds the Liye Qin Jane Culture and Art Exhibition
"Linyi City Buddha Exhibition" National Expo
Xucun welcomes the 5th International Arts Festival
Huang's mechanical manuscript on display in Beijing

The official website of the Diaoyu Islands . . . Com?of-The-Ocean Society ExclusiveOcean

Hurricane Dorrian kills at least 50 in Bahamas

The South China Sea has formed an "empty-ground-private network" integrated communication link
Chinese Academy of Sciences South China Sea Coral Records New Progress in Global Monsoon Changes
U.S. scientists simulate Atlantic coral spawning in lab for first time
Helong, the main bridge of the Qinghai-Ling Island Special Bridge in Guangdong Province, plans pinball open in 2020

Hot Spots Focus . . . The Children of the Prairie . . . Prairie sceneryGrass

"Ecological First, Green Development" The 2nd Eco-Grass Paspinballral Forum Opens in Hulunbel

Inner Mongolia: Qixian District pinball achieve full coverage of the National Fitness Activity Center
Excellent reporter Liu Shaohua pinball awarded the honorary title of "Northern Model"
81-year-old veteran militiaman Zahi Dobje talks about "first heart"
Planting flowers and grasses "planting happiness" "green sacs" is not ordinary


Should be urgent

Crowd Zhicheng goes all out pinball face Typhoon Lichma

National Defense General continues pinball maintain typhoon-proof level II emergency response
The National Defense General Deploys Typhoon "Lichima" and Brings Heavy Rain Defense Work
Xi Jinping gives important instructions on the "7-23" landslide in Guizhou Water City
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Emergency Management pinball Guizhou Province emergency allocation of 30 million yuan of central disaster relief funds

Focus on the originals, the companyFood

Hunger marketing, fancy tastes, cross-border mash-ups... Mid-Autumn moon cakes also play consumption upgrade

Direcpinballr-General of The General Administration of Supervision: Real Knife and Real Gun Solve Food Safety Problems
Experts: Demarcating the exclusion zone is not the main reason for the rise in pork prices
Around the price how pinball see: fresh fruit prices year-on-year increase significantly fell
The main capital outflow of liquor spinballcks consumer secpinballr hugging "loose"

News Updates . . . Chinese Medicine Health care . . . TCM InternationalChinese medicine

The work of the 2nd China (Gansu) Chinese Medicine Industry Expo is ready

The quality of Chinese medicine tablets in Guangxi is in good condition
Reporting on Hong Kong's Freshmen: Returning pinball Chinese Medicine After Graduation
China-Myanmar Chinese Medicine Center Unveils in Myanmar
Daisy Open Physician's Day


Puyang District and Linquan County pinball jointly hold agricultural products exhibition and docking meeting

Hefei New Energy Aupinballmobile Industry Chain Ushers in A New Force
2019 China-ASEAN International Car Rally Nanning
Lancheng-Yu pipeline pinball deliver more than 100 million pinballns of refined oil
Taihang Pearl Happiness Capital Taihang Blessing Style Revitalization

This network dynamic

Vice Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation, Yu Sheng, visits China's website

Huang Ayuan, Chairman of the Board of Direcpinballrs of China Satellite TV, visits China Net
Zhao Wei, Secretary General of the China Federation of Network Social Organizations, and his team visited China.com
Second Review of the Global Poverty Reduction Case Collection Held
China Net Launches "Belt and Road" Traceable Commodity Database

Bilingual information

Paris: City Paintings

Visit the first media day of the Frankfurt Mopinballr Show

First press day of Germany's International Mopinballr Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt

Visit Bangkok Animal Cafe

Animal Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

Brand information

Pizza Hut's 29th anniversary in China, Celebrated in Beijing

Coffee "New Army" pinball enter the market Sinopec launched "easy Jet Coffee"
Casati Ice Bar Smart Spinballrage Retains Fruit For A Week of Good Colors
China Net Health China Guangzhou Release China Net Business China
Fashion China A Good Life Beautiful Hefei Innovation Cap

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Mexican movies article:

shared under: ShareAlike_3.0_Unported_License
CC BY-SA 3.0 license 



Mexican Erotic Comedy film genre.

The Mexican erotic comedy , also known as sex-comedy , is a film genre typical of Mexican cinema , which flourished in the eighties and early nineties . It is recognized as a set of cinematographic works of relatively low budget and not necessarily of high quality, their sexual and mischievous tone, although not particularly explicit, and for the handling of language in two ways , known in Mexico as the «albur». It had a huge box office success, although it is considered the time of the lowest quality of Mexican cinematography.

Mexican erotic comedy can be considered as a mix between comedy cinema and conventional erotic cinema.

From the second half of the sixties , Mexican cinema is characterized by a decline in national production, sustained only by the thin threads of the so-called B series , with films of very low budget, fast manufacturing and a sexual theme. The national film industry of the 1980s suffered a crisis as a result of the drastic reduction of state support. Although, the Sexicomedias sustained the little industry that remained, and even developed it very punctually, they were a double-edged sword for national cinema, since it caused a disappointing fall in film quality in the country.

This, in contrast to the plausible tapes made during the Echeverría period, in which the protest cinema showed the painful national situation of the time. Unlike other countries that have also had mass productions of B-series films, Mexico made only this type of cinema for almost twenty years, which demerited its status nationally and internationally, obtaining a terrible disrepute that has still to date cost to recover. The credibility in the country of national cinema is the result, in part, of this entire era. It seems then almost unheard of that having, in these decades, a very high level of censorship in Mexico, and in the midst of such a modest and repressive society - in sexual aspects - the production of films where the frontal nudes have taken place, the double senses, the suggestive titles and the albures were the protagonists of these banal stories.

The movie theaters were crowded, perhaps by comedy, or more possibly because for the first time there were explicit productions in national theaters. Curious that before the modesty of the audience, there is so much public for these productions. Despite this, sex comedies have been almost completely ignored by historians and critics of Mexican Cinema, disqualified as too bad to be taken seriously. [ 1 ]


The genre has as its main base the famous "Mexican mischief", consisting of creating funny and hilarious situations at awkward, unexpected moments and mostly with sexual verbal references (never explicit). With these tapes, certain hopes, dreams and characteristics of Mexican men are revealed: the long-awaited triumph of the middle and lower middle class, cunning as the best quality of any male, Mexican female beauty (voluptuous and sensual) that eventually it will give the man the life he expects and desires, the desire as the reason to move forward in life; sexuality as the engine for happiness - even if it is ephemeral and fleeting; the gallantry as the best seen quality in the Mexican male.

This industrial film revolution of the country, which really was a watershed in terms of box office and income, has certain characteristics that make it perfectly identifiable.

Gender elements

Constant and recognizable cast: A number of actors, mainly from vaudeville theater, became industry icons in these decades. Comedians like Pedro Weber "Chatanuga" , Alfonso Zayas , Rafael Inclán , Carmen Salinas and others, will be remembered in the history of Mexican cinema.

Poor devils : The main characters are always men in disgrace, misery and no future. Middle and lower middle class men, who have to fight to get ahead. His cunning, sympathy and natural charm will be his faithful companions to rid any situation.

Women : They will be the target of the desires, desires and illusions of all men, but at the same time, they can become the reasons for the film's knots of conflict. Among the most remembered actresses and vedettes who participated as central figures in the genre are Sasha Montenegro , Angelica Chain , Lyn May , Lina Santos etc.

An effeminate man : In many of the tapes there must be a male character who represents a homosexual with a desire to also find his ideal man in one of the "gentlemen" who go to the bars.

The gigolo : There is usually a male character who is able to realize all the sexual dreams of women in the plot.

Frontal nudes: There is no sex comedy if there is not at least one total frontal nude of at least one of the actresses.

Sex sequences : While sex is never explicit or total, it is implied in various ways. Mexican erotic cinema does not even reach pornography remotely and refrains from showing the male's sexual parts (such as the penis or the buttocks), but it will always find a way to show the woman's breasts and buttocks. The sexual act is suggested if only through an audiovisual "chascarrillo".

Albures and double senses : This is the essential component of all sex comedy; they are jokes and comments that must be misunderstood in order to generate the expected laughter.

A suggestive title : They refer to the medium where the characters or their trades are developed. Generally they also handled the double meaning. Examples like the day of the masons , the greengrocers , the albureros , the pulquería among others.

Main figures


Alfonso Zayas
Carmen Salinas
Hector Suarez
César Bono
Lalo "The Mime"
Polo Polo
Luis of Alba
Manuel "Skinny" Ibáñez
Maribel Fernandez
Pedro Weber "Chatanuga"
Ortín polo
Rafael Inclan
Raúl Padilla "Chóforo"
Roberto "the Skinny" Guzman
Tun Tun
Alejandra Meyer
Charly valentino
Susana Cabrera
Victor Manuel El Guero Castro
Alberto "Caballo" Rojas [ 2 ]


Andrés García
Jorge Rivero
Jaime Moreno
Hugo Stiglitz
Gerardo Zepeda

Actresses and Vedettes

Sasha Montenegro
Angelica Chain
Isela Vega
Lyn May
Lina Santos
Maribel Guard
Lorena Herrera
Felicia Mercado
Olivia Collins
Azela Robinson
Isaura Espinoza
Elizabeth Aguilar
Ana Luisa Peluffo
Jacaranda Alfaro
Rebeca Silva
Michelle Mayer
Sonia Infante
Yolanda Liévana
Wanda Seux
Grace Renat
Rossy Mendoza
Princess Yamal
Princess Lea
Rosario Escobar
Yirah Aparicio


↑ Morelia Film Fest: The cinema of the crisis?
↑ Legends of the golden age of Mexican sex-media

External links

Sexicomedias on the page of the Mexican Cinema of ITESM
Morelia Film Festival: Sexicomedias: the cinema of the crisis?
Legends of the golden age of Mexican sex-media

José René Ruiz Martínez

This article or section needs references that appear in an accredited publication .
This notice was posted on July 24, 2014.

José René Ruiz Martínez ( November 22, 1932 in the city of Tampico , Tamaulipas state, Mexico - October 16 , 1993 , Mexico City ) better known as Tun Tun , was a famous Mexican comedy actor, who in the decade of the 50 he was part of the cadre of actors of the golden age of Mexican cinema . Later in the 70s and 80s he was part of the so-called sex-media genre .

José Ruiz "Tun Tun"
Personal information
Birth name José René Ruiz Martínez
Other names Tun Tun
Birth November 22 , 1932
[Bandera de México]  Tampico , Tamaulipas
Death October 19, 1993 (60 years old)
[Bandera de México]  Mexico City , Mexico
nationality Mexican  [
Spouse Rocío Gentz
Professional information
Occupation Actor


A few days after his birth José René Ruiz Martínez was diagnosed with dwarfism . His father, embarrassed by his son's " abnormality " decides not to send him to school , thinking that his classmates would make fun of him, so he better confines him in his home.

Cinematic Debut

The cinematographic debut of José René Ruiz Martínez "Tun Tun" was in 1949, next to the comic pachuco Germán Valdés "Tin Tan" , in the film "El Rey del Barrio" , a film in which Fanny Kauffman also debuted " Vitola " and Joaquín García" Borolas " , Ramón Valdés , Óscar Pulido , José Jasso and the child Ismael Pérez were included in the cast. In addition to the film's huge success at the box office, "Tin Tan" and Tun Tun harmonized into a great friendship that lasted until Germán's death, on June 29 , 1973 .

Artistic career

Tun Tun worked with the pachuco in various films such as: "Don't Defend Me Compadre" (1949), "Simbad the Dizzy" (1950), "The Viscount of Montecristo" (1954), "The Barefoot Sultan" (1954), " El viotero ”(1960), among others.

The life of Tun Tun also crossed other aspects of “Tin Tan” , such as his Broadway presentations and two performances on the television show of Ed Sullivan , the most popular in the United States and where the Liverpool quartet also once performed, " The Beatles ."

Tun Tun's popularity through film and theater allowed him to obtain contracts to work in South America and in the best stages of the United States , being considered after Sammy Davis, Jr. the second showman par excellence in those bars.

Personal life

He was married to the dancer Rocío Gentz, with whom he had two children, however, the marital outcome was full of misfortunes and betrayals, and he lost all his fortune in the hands of his loved ones. Tun Tun , resigned to the betrayal, asked for the support of his fellow artists to let him spend his last months of life in the Casa del Actor. There, deep in sadness, he waited for death to arrive, and it was presented on October 16 , 1993 . His body was deposited in a drawer of the Angel Mausoleums.



(1993) La Negra Tomasa
(1993) The Snoop of the Hotel .... "Hotel Owner"
(1992) The Greengrocers III
(1992) Cura de Espantos
(1991) Diabolic Narcosathanes
(1991) The Avenging Warrior I and II
(1990) Just Ask for Diamond .... "Johnny Naples"
(1990) The Masons Day IV
(1990) Midnight Women .... "Fortunato Godínez"
(1989) Three Very Billboats ... "Tun Tun"
(1988) "((The rooftop cats)) ...." the white child "
(1987) The Greengrocers II .... "Chapoy"
(1987) How Good Is My Goddaughter
(1987) The Day of the Masons III
(1986) Three Burning Mexicans .... "Tun Tun"
(1986) The Greengrocers .... "Chapoy"
(1985) The Ratero of Neighborhood II
(1985) Ah that Old Hot Songs .... "Tun Tun"
(1985) The Masons Day II .... "Tun Tun"
(1984) " Under the Volcano " .... "Dwarf"
(1983) Neighborhood II
(1981) OK Mister Pancho .... "Peter Table"
(1981) The neighborhood
(1980) A Cojo Pass
(1973) The Vulture Monastery .... "Tun Tun"
(1970) The Phantom Gunslinger
(1966) The Chamber of Horrors .... "Mr. Pepe De Reyes"
(1960) The Violetero .... "Elvis"
(1954) The Barefoot Sultan
(1954) The Witch .... "Tun Tun"
(1954) Looks That Kill
(1953) God Raises Them .... "Tun Tun"
(1953) There are the Gorrones ... "Little Caesar"
(1952) Aces Poker .... "Tun Tun"
(1952) Sleeping Beauty .... "Chaquira Warlock"
(1952) Passionary .... "Half a liter"
(1951) Kill Me Because I'm Dying !!! .... "Tun Tun"
(1951) Oh Love ... How You Put Me On! .... "Pepito"
(1951) Statue of Meat
(1951) The Revoltoso .... "Toad"
(1950) The Viscount of Montecristo
(1950) Treacherous .... "Crecidito"
(1950) Simbad the Dizzy .... "Hampón short"
(1950) The Forgotten
(1950) The Mark of the Skunk
(1950) Love of the Street .... "Tun Tun"
(1949) Don't Defend Me Compadre
(1949) The King of the District .... "Cayo, Gulliver, (billiard manager)"

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Pedro Weber "Chatanuga"Mexican actor

Pedro Manuel Weber Chávez ( Ciudad Guzmán , Jalisco , November 27, 1933 - Mexico City , March 22 , 2016 ) was a Mexican comedy actor known by his nickname " Chatanuga ."


He was born in a family that combined Mexican and Arab roots, as his father was of Lebanese origin.

Although his career has little to do with politics, Weber was baptized by the president of Mexico Gral. Manuel Ávila Camacho , thanks to his father who held an important position in Salubridad during the six-year term of the president, from 1940 to 1946.

His mother liked to play the piano and paint, perhaps from there comes his artistic vein, because from a young age business caught his attention, but it was she who instilled interest in the theater .

Weber entered the theater and his restless character caused him to be expelled from the schools he attended on several occasions.

His first job was at the "La Castañeda" Psychiatric Hospital, where he collaborated in different areas, but from which he acquired more learning was from the experimental surgery laboratory. Almost four years he dedicated them to this work, but he knew that this was not his thing, or what he wanted to devote himself to for the rest of his life.

His passion for dancing was presented in each of the dance halls of the city, because every weekend, the actor visited them frequently with his friends.

While in one of these rooms, Adalberto Martínez "Springs" came in search of talent for a film, but Chatanuga was not selected and without losing hope, he began rehearsing a dance and jokes routine.

He did not imagine that this would result in 10 years working in tents and, later, on the terraces that served as cinemas, which would start his career professionally.

The actor, during his work suffered from vicissitudes, because many times, when they went on tour, they had to ask for truckers' adventures. In that walk he worked 10 years as a master of ceremonies in the Crown Caravan , and subsequently three years as a stage director at Madison Square Garden , in New York .

After that long season he began working at the Blanquita Theater, with a comic musical show, which he held for five years.

In addition to his work experience, Pedro Weber also collects anecdotes, and among his favorites is the one he had together with the composer José Alfredo Jiménez , who was a legal witness in his first marriage.

In 1964, he participated in the films Two Knights of the Sword and The Devilish Duchess, which brought new film projects for the actor and with this he began his career as an actor in films and television series.

In 2004, Weber underwent several cardiovascular studies and remained a few weeks under medical treatment and rigorous diet, since his weight exceeded 120 kilos.

Among his lineage he also has some friends that the actor considers as brothers, among whom are Lalo "El Mimo" , Enrique Rocha , Ramón Valdés , Polo Ortín , Andrés García , Chespirito , Raúl "Chato" Padilla , Rafael Inclán and Manuel " Skinny "Ibáñez .


He died due to cardiovascular problems on March 22 , 2016 in Mexico City.


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1992 From naco to millionaire
1992 The two faces of the devil (short film)
1992 Dance with me (TV series) ... Placid.
1991 Tinsmiths
1991 Kill me because I'm dying! ... Rosendo
1991 Cabaret Woman (as Pedro Weber)
1991 Reach for a star II (TV series)… Ricardo.
1991 The Ninja Caguamas (video)… Caguamón.
1991 The Ranger and the Wet
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1985 We arrived, scrubbed them and left (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
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1985 The Adventures of Lenguardo (TV series)… Don Chata.
1985 The King of the Neighborhood
1984 Always on Sunday (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1984 Emanuelo
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1984 Crossed Legs
1984 The Scoundrel (as Pedro Webber)
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1984 Goodbye Lagunilla, Goodbye
1983 Two from below
1983 Nude Models
1983 This and l'otra with a single ticket (as Pedro Wever 'Chatanuga')
1983 Fabulous Reventón 2 (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1983 Spicy Chile (segment "Los compadres")
1983 Sex vs. sex (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1983 I get out when I laugh
1983 Scented
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1982 After all, I didn't even want to
1982 Computers (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1982 Love with a free knife
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1982 The pulqueria 2
1981 DF / Federal District
1981 The Seven Cucas
1981 Neither way ... so we are (as Pedro Wever 'Chatanuga')
1981 The Pulquería
1981 Sex felt ... Worker (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1981 There in Garibaldi Square
1981 The Thousand Uses (as Pedro Weber)
1981 The Pachanga ... Neighbor.
1980 The Temptresses
1980 The Seven Lives
1980 Stray Dog (film) (as Pedro Weber)
1980 The Apenitas (as Pedro Weber)
1980 Mexican Picardy 2 … El Chon
1979 Mexican to the hilt ... Hilario
1979 Your life against my life
1979 Men should not cry
1979 The brave lives ... until the coward wants (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1979 What do you throw when you dream ... Mexican?
1979 The alburero
1978 Picardy mexicanacc … El Chon
1978 They are your female perjumens (as Pedro Weber 'Chatanooga')
1978 Cabaret Nights
1978 The world of Luis de Alba (TV series)
1976 The tourist guide
1973 Bartolo (TV Series) ... Lic. Olguín.
1973 El Comanche (TV series)
1973 The devil in person
1967 Our good neighbors of Yucatan
1966 The daredevil
1965 The left-handed ... Mario's father
1964 The Demonic Duchess
1964 Two knights of the sword ... Envoy of the Duchess (as Pedro Weber)

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